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You’re one step away from creating a curvaceous confident YOU!

Learn the same training methods and principles I follow, which have helped me, and so many other women, to achieve a curvaceous and strong body they love.

Don’t let gym closures prevent you from becoming your IDEAL physical self. Keep the progress and momentum flowing. Let me help you to have structure and specificity behind your Home Training Workouts.


With a structured plan in place, you’ll be more efficiently and effectively training on your own and in no time creating a stronger, more curvaceous YOU!

Jewel Online Training is designed to create a strong, curvaceous body.  Monthly subscription ensures continued progression and new stimulus in both strength and muscle building (different phases may be geared more towards one). While the plans provide measurability, each new phase is designed to keep your mind and body challenged, minimising plateau.

Having a specific training program to follow at the gym is a crucial part of ensuring continual progression in the gym with both strength and composition. It provides a means of measurability which can also be incredibly motivating and empowering, watching as your strength and abilities sky-rocket!


  • 6-Week training programs designed to improve strength, posture and body composition; increase lean mass, decrease body fat, create sexy feminine curves. Training programs will be designed for gym or home, and based on your access to equipment, during current gym closures within Australia.
  • Training splits will alter based upon progression – there’s working out and then there’s training. Training with purpose and specificity is all about skill acquisition. Watch your programs progress as you do.
  • Programs are x4-5 days per week, Strength/Hypertrophy based, varying between whole body, upper/lower, anterior/posterior splits, keeping you challenged and motivated.
  • Learn how to train effectively for longterm results – you certainly won’t find any quick-fix BS round here, girlfriend.  Building a strong, shapely body isn’t an overnight job and it isn’t done on the treadmill.  So strap in and enjoy the journey while I teach you the training methods and intensity to longevity of success.
  • Tracking Sheet provided to record relevant health and progress markers, track trends and watch as your lifestyle, habits and composition improve.
  • Monthly Subscription means you’ll keep progressing as the momentum doesn’t stop, holding you accountable to your goals.

Are you ready to take things to the next level?  Email me today!

Programs updated 6-Weekly to keep you challenged, progressing & building that bod!  Should you however need something more individualised, we’d love to help. Email to enquire.

Online Training

$65per month