Jewel Transformation

Jewel Transformation

Personalised Online Training & Nutrition Coaching – Home OR Gym

Don’t let gym closures stop to you from becoming your IDEAL physical self. Keep the progress and momentum flowing.

Are you unsure how to structure your new home workouts ? Confused by what’s the best diet to follow? Eating and training without structure or specificity behind what you’re doing?  Well I got you, girl!


Learn the same training methods and principles I follow, which have helped me, and so many other women, to achieve a curvaceous and strong body they love.

Understand nutrition on a whole new level without restriction, feel empowered to make more educated decisions for lasting success.

Create healthy new habits and learn to balance training and nutrition, so you can feel and perform at your absolute best.

This level of coaching is designed to guide and educate you every step of the way, giving you the tools to take your training and health to a whole new level, holistically considering multiple factors of your lifestyle and individuality.

Watch as your strength and abilities sky-rocket.  Programs are personalised and periodised to you, cycling through different phases. The measurability makes it incredibly motivating and empowering, ensuring health is always at the forefront!  Training with purpose and specificity is all about skill acquisition. Watch your programs progress as you do!

Learn how to eat to fuel your training, performance and body composition goals. You get to choose the food you want to eat, in a nourishing yet non-restrictive manner. This is what makes for longterm sustainability.

With a structured plan in place, you’ll be more efficiently and effectively hitting goals, creating a stronger, more curvaceous YOU!



  • Periodised programming and training-splits based on individual goals and progress.  Improve strength, body composition and posture. Training programs will be designed for gym or home, and based on your access to equipment, during current gym closures within Australia.
  • 4-6 weekly program updates based upon progression.
  • Teaching cues and video assessment of main lifts for continual progression.
  • Consideration of functional anomalies, strength imbalances, rehabilitation and performance specific goals.


  • Customised calorie/macronutrient targets and example meal plan. You will have the freedom to design your own meals. Nutritional recommendations provided based upon individual goals and needs.
  • Volume 1 and 2 of Jewel Athletic Nutritional Guidelines + Recipe Guide.
  • Through a functional and holistic approach, considerations of lifestyle influences and stressors; adrenal health, hormonal imbalance, gut health, sleep hygiene, metabolic capacity, insulin sensitivity, etc.
  • Fortnightly check-ins with updates and detailed, comprehensive, educational support. Required to use MyFitness Pal to track nutrition.
  • Tracking Sheet provided to record relevant health and progress markers, track trends and watch as your lifestyle, habits and composition improve.
  • Weekly educational emails – access for private coaching clients only.
  • 3 month commitment

Empowering women the with knowledge they need to take control of their health and fitness.  Upon commencing, all personalised coaching clients are required to complete a comprehensive Health Screening and/or Consult.  This allows us to determine both previous and current health, clearly identify and outline goals, determine commitment level and how I can be of best assistance to you!  Email me now and let’s get started.

Jewel Transformation

Online Training & Nutrition Coaching
$270per month

Jewel Transformation

Online Training & Nutrition Coaching + 1x 1-hr PT session per month
$330per month
What we’ve helped some of our previous and current clients with:

Greater daily energy and mental clarity

Improved digestion and gut health

Reduced cravings

Better quality sleep and mood stability

Decreased stress load

Clearer skin

Higher libido

Boosted self confidence

Regular cycle and happier periods