All of training and nutrition clients will know that I always advocate wholesome and nutrient dense foods, as preferential nutrient intake.  Nourishing foods and a balanced diet should always be priority, with supplementation then filling in any nutrient deficiencies.

If you feel like something isn’t right with your health or your body is isn’t progressing as it should be, then visit a health practitioner.  The only way to really know what is going on with your body is through testing (blood analysis, stool test, IgG test, OATS analysis, etc).  I believe is a very important part of any health and fitness journey, especially if you’re after serious and sustainable results, and optimised health… but that is a whole other topic.

On the topic of supplementation, I’ve shared some of my go-to’s and the benefits of them.


Magnesium is an essential mineral for our body and is responsible for over 300 biochemical processes.  It is quite common for individuals to have sub-optimal magnesium levels due to deficiencies in the foods we consume or inadequate nutritional habits.


Healthy fats are an essential requirement to make up a balanced diet and support optimal bodily functions, strongly influencing our health and hormones.  Generally the foods (healthy fats) we eat are rich in Omega-6, resulting in most Australians being chronically deficient in Omega-3. 


There are a lot of different protein powders on the market and so readily available, which can make choosing the right one for you sometimes a little confusing. 

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