Online Training Subscription

Online Training Subscription
6-Week Plans $99

Do you want to be challenged at the gym and reach your full potential? One of the biggest factors influencing results and progress, is consistency + measurable and recordable progression. This subscription offers just that!

  • Receive a challenging new training program every 6-weeks
  • Designed to help create strong, curvaceous, confident bodies
  • No more wasting time in the gym, trying to figure out what to do.
  • Follow along these set plans to see continued progression and a build a body you love.

Throughout the 6-weeks, you will be required to complete your own weekly tracking sheet, recording and measuring your personal progress and results. Send this through at the end of every 6-weeks and receive back your next training instalment.

To commence your new plan, new subscribers will be required to fill-out a Health Questionnaire in order to be appropriately provided the most suitable plan in line with goals and current health.

Both the Questionnaire and Weekly Tracking Sheet will assist in programming and protocols, while also providing you with accountability for achieving the best possible results.


I cannot wait to hear about your goals and help you reach your full potential.   Please allow 24 hours for start-up info email to be sent out.

DISCLAIMER: Always consult a medical physician for clearance, before entering into any new training and nutrition regime.