Nutrition & Macros

Nutrition & Macros

Jewel Athletic works with clients to develop personalised programming, specific to individual goals and needs.  Clients lifestyles are taken into consideration when creating the plan to yield success.  To achieve results you have dreamed of, we assist in; creating healthier relationships with nutrition and within lifestyle, investigating ways to improve gut health and hormonal health, optimising energy and body composition.

Perhaps you’ve tried for years to achieve fat loss or improved wellness, but haven’t had sustainable success? Have you been pairing your nutrition to meet the demands of your lifestyle, training or goals?  Jewel Athletic are passionate educators who take pride in imparting valuable knowledge which helps you understand how to build holistic lifelong habits for success (not quick fixes).  Rome wasn’t build it in a day.  Changing habits can take time, but it’s your persistence and power to make the change, that will create the results to keep you motivated.

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Online Nutrition Coaching (Individualised)

$490 upfront for 12-Weeks

Most popular product! This premium level of Nutritional Coaching covers all things nutrition and health from the inside out.  For those seeking a high level of accountability and are serious about their overall wellness and results, taking into consideration gut health and influencing lifestyle factors. Minimum 12 week commitment, to teach the importance of longterm habits and success.

  • Multiple Personalised Macronutrient Breakdowns & Customised Meal Plans
  • Volume 1 and 2 of Jewel Athletic Nutritional Guidelines
  • Weekly check-ins and online support
  • Subscription to weekly email support, education and tips.
  • Tracking Sheet template to complete and record progress, due weekly (adjustments to plan are based upon this + photos/measurements)
  • Consideration of lifestyle influences, hormonal balance, gut health (sleep, stress/mood, digestion, energy, appetite, etc)
  • Specific nutritional protocols based around optimising metabolic and hormonal pathways; including consideration of training
  • Detailed, comprehensive and educational coaching

Set up your mind and body for longterm success.  Click here to START NOW!

Macro Plan $99 for 6-Week Plan

A plan for the self-motivated! Looking for a challenge and some direction to push you towards your GOALS?! Take the reigns and re-define your habits. Learn to really understand caloric value, macronutrients and pay attention to how the foods you eat, directly impact your performance.

  • x1 Personalised Macronutrient Breakdown
  • x1 Example Meal Plan (variety of options available based on preferences)
  • Volume 1 of Jewel Athletic Nutritional Guidelines
  • Subscription to weekly email education tips
  • Tracking Sheet template to complete and record your own progress
  • Will need access to calorie-counting app like MyFitness Pal

Throughout the 6-weeks, you will be required to complete your own weekly tracking sheet, recording and measuring your personal progress and results. Send this through at the end of every 6-weeks and receive back your next macro targets.

To commence your new plan, new subscribers will be required to fill-out a Health Questionnaire in order to be appropriately provided the most suitable plan in line with goals and current health.

Both the Questionnaire and Weekly Tracking Sheet will assist in programming and protocols, while also providing you with accountability for achieving the best possible results.


I cannot wait to hear about your goals and help you reach your full potential.   Please allow 24 hours for start-up info email to be sent out.

DISCLAIMER: Always consult a medical physician for clearance, before entering into any new training and nutrition regime.