Meet Juliette

About Juliette Vagg

Founder of Jewel Athletic

As the founder of Jewel Athletic, Juliette Vagg has witnessed her clients achieve amazing transformations! The energetic women Juliette works with feel stronger, are more confident and are empowered more than ever when they see results.

Juliette has always lead a healthy and active lifestyle, dedicating 16 years to the dance industry. She moved to Melbourne in 2011 to pursue a dance career at a Performing Arts School which required discipline, passion and desire. Her passion and determination fuels her drive for well-being and fitness.

Juliette’s holistic approach to health, strongly focuses on helping women create a healthy and positive relationship with their body through lifestyle modification.  Knowledge is power and with this Juliette strives to empower and inspire her clients through education, assisting them to make informed and sustainable decisions for themselves.  Juliette’s strength-based approach to training see’s her clients build strength and resilience both in the gym and across multiple facets of their life.

With a down to earth manner and genuine respect and care for her clients, Juliette is able to help her clients transform their body and mind to reach their full potential. She continually challenges herself and clients to achieve beyond their self-limiting beliefs.

Juliette is also a national role model for many women and has won state a Physique competition title. Her achievements have required dedication, drive and hours of hard work. Her achievements include:

  • INBA 2014 – Tasmanian Titles – Bikini Model Overall Champion
  • INBA 2014 – Victorian Titles – Bikini Model 4th Place
  • INBA 2015 – Victorian Southern Cross Championships – Bikini Model 4th Place
  • INBA 2015 – Victorian Titles – Bikini Model 4th Place
  • Capo 2016 – Victorian Deadlift Competition – 3rd Open Women’s Raw Division

Constantly striving for success and increased knowledge, Juliette has the following qualifications:

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
  • Evidence Based Nutrition & Training Summit – Bret Contreras, Alan Aragon, James Krieger, Brad Schoenfield: Hypertrophy, Nutrition, Trainingquote
  • Eugene Teo Internships: Gut Health, Digestion, Hormones, Detox, Training
  • Metabolic Precision -Level 1
  • FMA Strength Training -Level 1
  • Posture Pro -Level 1 & 2
  • Clean Health: Training the Female Client
  • ACE: Boxing Skills & Fitness
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Certificates; 3 & 4 in Fitness, 2 & 4 Dance, 2 & 3 in Business

What Our Happy Clients Say

When I began training all I had in my head was, I need to loose weight, but over the last 18 months, that mindset and goal has changed. Juliette has been able to show me losing weight shouldn't just be the end goal but instead focus on feeling strong and happy in both my workouts and in life. Keeping this new goal in mind, I'm feeling so strong and fit and IN LOVE with my body...Read more

Ellie, 25