Exercising with Average Intent and Average Results? Does this Sound Like You...?

Keep reading to learn how you can become the BEST version of you. With many years as a competitive sports-woman and also years within the fitness industry, Jewel Athletic’s founder, Juliette Vagg, has found a common trend among many; ladies training/exercising with an objective, but no real intent.  Jewel Athletic succeeds in helping women train with full intent and reach their full potential.  Begin to understand and conquer your training.

Jewel Athletic has spoken with a lot of women with an initial and common goal to ‘feel fitter and lose weight’.  A goal which is also very broad and unspecific.  Jewel Athletic helps individuals, by understanding what’s important to you and why it’s so important to you.  But for us to really help individuals, YOU need to know why it’s so important for you to reach your goals: How will it make you feel? How do you feel now? What happens if you don’t achieve this? Having specifics around you goals, will allow you to map out your journey more clearly plus hold you more accountable along the way.

So WHY aren’t women training hard enough?



You cant drive your car on an empty fuel tank and your body is NO different.

Do you constantly under-eat or restrict your caloric intake, in the hope to achieve fat loss or remain slim? “I’ve only got a few more kilos to loose”, “I don’t want to gain weight, I’ll drop back my portions sizes and follow this detox”, or “Oh, I’m never hungry in the morning, I don’t eat breakfast”… STOP!

Our bodies require a base level of calories daily, for optimal hormonal and physical function.  Add in multiple strength training sessions each week and suddenly an increased caloric consumption is required, to support the demand and stress of training.  This is what enables you to train with focus and intent and yield substantial results.


Really, we all just want the same thing. Deep down, what do all women want?  To flaunt and ooze utter confidence in our body.  To feel sexy and to feel amazing.

Women seek help from Jewel Athletic to become toned; toned tummy, toned legs, toned butt, toned arms.  This all comes down to changing overall body composition through the right balance between adequate nutrition and building muscle.   Now before you freak out about building muscle, we get to that later, but understand that running on a treadmill or smashing yourself on the cross trainer will make you smaller.  Yes, it improves cardiovascular fitness and overall your body size will shrink.  You are likely dropping body weight, of which a proportion will be body fat.  Cardio does not however, help to build sexy, feminine curves or a tight, toned body.  So get off the cardio band-wagon.  Body recomposition through muscular hypertrophy though, can provide so many additional benefits and is also a much more effective way to ensure long term success of results.


I’m too muscley

We’ve never had a female client at Jewel Athletic say, this weight training has made me too muscley.  We have however, had many rave about their lifted and perky butt, their toned and shapely arms and shoulders, the definition through their tummy, how their legs are stronger and leaner and they can finally feel comfortable wearing shorts and a little summer dress! And if you ask what they all did to feel this way and transform their bodies; personalised weight-specific training while eating clean, wholesome foods.

Rest assured, women’s natural hormonal balance doesn’t comprise enough Testosterone to turn us into Arnold Schwarzenegger, hence why men build more muscle than females.  In order to capitalise on building lean mass (or muscle) we also need to ensure nutritional intake is balanced and sufficient enough to support our training output.

It takes time to build muscle and build the physique you want – you’re not going to wake up one day and all of a sudden have these big biceps and look like the hulk, but patience is a virtue in building the ultimate, strong, fit and healthy body, that you can be even more confident in.

With muscle also being the furnace of fat loss, it will also actually help to sustain results in the long run.


But I’m self-conscious and don’t want to look foolish

This mindset is a weakness and will inhibit you from reaching your full potential.  While training, are you ever afraid of:

How you look? Am I pulling faces? Is my technique right?  Is that person watching me?

Let us ask, how often do you:

  • Truly push yourself to be completely uncomfortable;
  • Push yourself to the point of true failure;
  • Try something completely new or foreign to you;
  • Spend a whole session outside your comfort zone, doing something your mind is telling you, you can’t; or
  • Avoid things you know you’re not particularly strong at or confident with?

Training isn’t meant to be pretty and nobody likes to feel exposed. Yes, it might hurt temporarily. Yes, you might pull some faces which show you’re working hard. Yes, you will sweat.  But these are all good indicators of perceived rate of exertion.  Without these, there is no exertion.  There is adaptations.  There is no change.

Try changing your mindset from now on; every session, learn to be ok with being uncomfortable and see what happens – a little bit of pain is good!


Are you that person who is always at the gym but always looks the same? 

How hard do you really train?  Sometimes, just going to the gym isn’t going to be enough.  Think about how many members you see regularly at your local gym.  Now, how many of them do you see always consistently training hard?  How many have intent in everything they do?  Are they focused or distracted or complacent?  How many appear to always be smashing their goals?  And how many of them look the same all year around and don’t actually seem to be making much progress?

You could be given the best nutrition and training programs, but if you don’t follow it or remain compliant and dedicated, chances are you will become frustrated and fail to see changes or achieve your goals.  And this is when you no longer see these people at the gym, at all!

Staying fit and healthy is a lifestyle YOU choose to lead; habits you choose to create.  Habits which will hopefully allow you to have sustained health and body composition.  It really doesn’t have to be difficult, but at Jewel Athletic, we encourage everyone to enjoy what they do and create a lifestyle they love.

Unfortunately, we can’t expect to feel amazing if we keep cheating on our diet, if we skip gym sessions or just fluff our way through workouts, training without intent.  Put in half the work and be prepared to only achieve half the results.   It’s never too late to change habits, change mindset and further-educate.  So we ask again, how hard do you really train?



Meet soon-to-be Jewel Athletic client, Ellie.

A young corporate female, working full-time.  Always lived an active lifestyle, with a reasonable level of fitness and within (what’s considered) a healthy weight range.  Ellie made fairly good food choices most of the time and did mostly cardio-based activity most days of the week. Sometimes struggling with some stresses of life, Ellie was otherwise content overall but, wanted to feel more confident within herself.  Her original goal when starting at the gym, was to lose weight.

Then Ellie approached Jewel Athletic.  Ellie was already living a fairly healthy lifestyle. However, in order to make the necessary changes she desired within her confidence and body, there did need to be some radical corrections made around her mindset towards training and nutrition to achieve an optimal level of health.  These changes also needed to become apart of her new lifestyle.

Meet current Jewel Athletic client, Ellie.

18 months down the track following Jewel Athletic Training and Nutritional Coaching, and in Ellie’s words, “ I have made a complete 180 flip on my mindset towards health and nutrition, my goals and mindset and my lifestyle.”

No longer does Ellie come to the gym with the focus being purely on ‘losing weight’.  Ellie now eats double the amount of food than when she first started training.  She has undergone massive changes to her body composition – who would have thought eating more meant you’d lose body fat?!  Ellie trains HARD every session, has increased strength hugely, deadlifting triple digits for reps.  With Jewel’s specific weight training programming, she has created sexy curves in all the right places through building muscle, feel super sexy and knows how to eat correctly, to support her training demand of four heavy strength days, per week.

Not only has Ellie seen the physical changes, but her confidence has sky rocketed – which landed in a job promotion.  Ellie’s stress management has also improved which allows her to juggle study part-time, on top of full-time work.  One thing that hasn’t changed is Ellie’s commitment and willingness to be opened minded in her journey. Placing trust in the process and learning the lifelong habits required, to create and sustain a curvaceous, confident body.


How’s your balance?

So what happens when you haven’t quite found that right balance of training and nutrition?  You’re in a complacent routine and aren’t training hard enough?  You’re still worried about ending up too muscley and lacking the ultimate confidence you desire?

Results are going to feel very slow and you’ll be under-achieving your full potential.  This will often make it more difficult to find the motivation to stay on track and keep pushing towards goals.

Case Study 1:

You’ve had a great week of training and eating well, but by the time the weekend comes around, the healthy habits you’ve worked on creating, slowly end up out the window.  There’s no-longer consistency.  You skipped breakfast and instead went out for a big brunch.  The afternoon is cake and coffee with a girlfriend you haven’t seen for ages, followed by wine with the girls and then there’s the cheese board…

Before you know it, it’s Sunday and you’re feeing sorry for yourself and you know you’ve got to go to your in-laws for dinner and you HAVE to eat everything put out in front of you (cause it would be rude not too).  You feel rubbish, but it’s Monday tomorrow, so you’ll get back on track then. The cycle starts again, and its a constant battle between on and off track.


Case Study 2:

You’ve been training steadily for weeks; cardio, some body weight exercises, circuits and classes. Eating has been great; salads, reduced position sizes, protein shakes, lost some weight, feeling great. But suddenly things come to a halt, the scale hasn’t changed in a week… so you drop more calories and ramp up your training.  Few extra cardio sessions, walking at lunch times, oh hey what about fasted cardio?!

Suddenly your concentration at work is suffering, you’re tired before you’re even out of bed in the mornings and are feeling a little tense and cranky.  3pm hits and you cant stop thinking about Krispy Kremes. Uh, oh! Everyone at work has been sick and now its hit you for the 3rd time in the last 12 weeks – immunity is suppressed, so you’re living on juices and you cant seem to kick this cold… you’re thinking, “I’m doing all the right things, yeah?!”


Well lets figure out the solution together. The solution to get you training harder and actually seeing and feeling the results you want.  Feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin and embracing your body.



Train harder without sacrificing more time

Training harder doesn’t have to mean hours and hours on end in the gym.  We all have different schedules and most of us are busy!  Following a structured program with parameters to follow and expectations set out each session, can allow for more time-efficient workouts.  It will also hold you accountable to get the work done, plus provide a means of tracking and progression.  Learn how to push yourself hard.  As we’ve discussed above, its a mindset. Set your own smaller weekly targets, plan sessions in advance, plan to train with a friend or lock it into you diary like a doctors appointment.  The other option is seeking guidance from a professional within the fitness industry – take advantage of someones expertise to set you up with a personalised weight-training program, specific to individual needs, strengths/weaknesses, goals, etc.  With your adherence, its sure to have you on track to success in no time.


Technique is key

Learning correct technique, movements/mechanics, muscle recruitment and muscle innervation will take you a long way.  Second to that is recognising progression and correctly implementing advanced training techniques; tempos, volume, load/intensity, rests, overload, etc.  Understanding the benefit of this can allow the body to keep adapting and changing, creating new challenges and stimulus.

Jewel Athletic encourages women to learn how to activate muscles correctly and understand how to create proper stimulus.  Knowing the muscles you’re trying to engage, will allow you to build the  feminine shape and curves you want.  Practicing, challenging yourself and becoming more adverse will mean worrying less about inhibitions, seeing the results shine through even quicker.

Learn how to get more out of your 45 minute session, instead of just going through the motions.


A lifestyle that makes you happy

Creating new habits and a new lifestyle, needs to be something you enjoy and something you take pride in.  Changes take time so be patient and be prepared for set backs along the way – that’s just  part of the journey.  Be open to; change the way you eat; change training methods or intensity, alter your mindset… and watch what happens.  At the end of the day, only you have control over the decisions you make – make sure they’re ones you’re proud of.


Set training PB’s over fat loss targets

Something I encourage clients to do, is set goals around training (goals which are non-body composition related).  While our fat loss goals may be important for creating a confident, curvaceous you; a number on the scale doesn’t define us.  Nor should it be the only driving factor towards leading a healthy lifestyle.

How we feel, the choices we make, enjoying keeping active, are all just as important. I personally, and for my clients as well, like setting strength based goals within training blocks.  This way, rather than coming to the gym and focusing on  “how many calories did I burn today”, it becomes focused around lifting more load, perfecting technique, smashing PB’s, building the perfect booty, etc.  All of these little wins along the way, are what can help to keep motivation stimulus at an all time high.


Learn the balance act for success

We all want to get the most bang for our buck. We’ve invested time and money in programming, a gym membership and booked training into our schedule each week.

Guarantee even more success, by nourishing your body with wholesome, clean foods.  This is paramount.  The benefits of eating nourishing foods are endless and the key to creating a perky butt, shapely arms and shoulders and a curvaceous confident body, is through muscular growth. Adequate and balanced nutritional intake is vital for building muscle, recovering adequately from sessions and fuelling your body to train hard and to your full potential.  This won’t happen through under-eating.


Learn to embrace your fears and challenges.  Learn to be ok with being comfortable and pushing yourself beyond limits and boundaries.  That’s where we grow. We evolve. We develop.  It’s ok to be afraid, but without change, you can’t expect to see change.  No matter how big or small, we always have a choice.  Every small, positive change, is a step closer to building optimal health and a life you’re more in love with.

Get even MORE out of your sessions WITHOUT spending more time in the gym. Learn to be efficient and train with direction. Understand how correct technique and different training protocols can positively influence your progression.

Learn how to eat according to your training and life’s demands, fuelling your body for success.  Feel energised.  Train strong.  Optimise hormonal function.  Body Re-composition.  Assist recovery and growth.  Fuel your body because we only have one and we need to look after it.  Because we love it and want to nourish it.  Don’t be negligent.

Being aware of mindset and goal setting can completely change your view on health and exercise. Its so empowering to feel like you’re continuously making progress, seeing results and achieving goals, whether that be in the gym, in relationships, at home or at work.  This can simply be achieved through a change in mentality and how you structure your goals, along with having a trusting and positive attitude.

COMMIT: in the gym, to your goals, to your nutrition, to change your mindset and habits.  Create sexy, feminine curves by prioritising weight training to build lean mass in all the right places.  Feel empowered by your own strength, in both your mind and body.  Do it for YOURSELF and forget your inhibitions.  Learn how you aren’t going to turn into the hulk and end up ‘too muscley’.  But you will have the killer body that you want, ooze confidence like never before and feel incredibly amazing within yourself, everyday!

Do it the Jewel way




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