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Here at Jewel Athletic, we empower women to feel strong and confident in both their mind and body.  Building resilience and overcoming self-limiting beliefs, watch as we take your strength and body to the next level.  Working together with a holistic health approach, create confidence to make bigger, bolder and more fulfilling lifestyle choices.

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Online Training Subscription

In a time where health has NEVER been so important, let's take control together!

Be challenged with your training and reach your full potential. Whether you're training from home, a park or the gym, this subscription provides measurable and recordable workouts, for continual progression in your health, fitness and body.


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Free Home Booty Workout

Designed for women who want to build a strong, perky butt and sexy, feminine curves.

Perfect the basics with this at home workout. Beginning with some of the fundamentals of core and glute activation, followed by a workout that will get your buns burning.

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Building a Curvaceous Confident You!

Whether you are looking for an individualised and in-depth coaching and learning experience taking your training, nutrition and health to the next level, or a subscription to keep you accountable and motivated in the gym, Jewel Athletic is here to help.

You have the ability to achieve success that will lead you to a mind and body transformation and together we can unlock your full potential. You are capable of achieving anything you want when you put your mind to it.  We provide you with the education, guidance and tools you need to achieve what you have been dreaming of.

What Our Happy Clients Say

When I began training all I had in my head was, I need to loose weight, but over the last 18 months, that mindset and goal has changed. Juliette has been able to show me losing weight shouldn't just be the end goal but instead focus on feeling strong and happy in both my workouts and in life. Keeping this new goal in mind, I'm feeling so strong and fit and IN LOVE with my body...Read more

Ellie, 25